Directions to Hephzibah House


Hephzibah House is located at 51 West 75th Street on Manhattan's West Side, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.

If you have the opportunity to take public transportation into New York city, you may want to do so. But if you drive, the directions below may be helpful.  Manhattan is a walker's paradise, and many people walk everywhere. We can be helpful to you in your plans to walk. But if walking is not an option, a taxi is quite helpful. Taxis can be expensive, depending of course on your destination, but they do remove some of the fears of getting lost in such a large city. The charge in a taxi is the same regardless of the number of passengers.

Free parking on the street is available in our neighborhood, but in great demand. You will need to do some hunting (after all, it is New York). And this adds time to your schedule. We can help you in this matter because there is "alternate side parking" for street cleaning purposes that will determine which side of the street is available on a given day.  There are parking garages in the neighborhood, but the price is costly per day. Because we have a fire hydrant in front of our building, it is only possible to park there for a moment while your vehicle is occupied, unload luggage, and then move on to your destination.



From 1-95 (Cross-Bronx Freeway), take the Henry Hudson Parkway South (Route 9-A) to 79th Street Exit. Go around the rotary at the end of ramp under  the bridge and proceed onto 79th Street until it dead-ends at Columbus Avenue, in front of the Museum of Natural History. Turn right, onto Columbus Avenue, and travel one block. Turn left at the stoplight onto 78th Street and travel one block. Turn right at the stoplight onto Central Park West.  Drive south on Central Park West to 75th Street.  Turn right onto 75th Street and look for our address of 51 on the right side of the street. We have high brown steps into our entrance and are close to Columbus Avenue on the north side of 75th Street..



From Penn Station or Times Square 42nd Street

Take the 2 or 3 subway "uptown" to 72nd Street and Broadway. As you exit on the 72nd St. side, walk one long block, east, to Columbus Avenue. Turn left on Columbus Avenue and walk three blocks uptown to 75th St. Turn right and 51 West 75th Street is on the left, the fourth building, with brown steps going up to the door.

From 42nd St. Port Authority

Take the 'C' train "uptown" to 72nd Street and Central Park West.  Walk uptown on Centrall Park West to 75th Street.  Turn left on 75th Street. 51 West 75th Street is on the north side, close to Columbus Avenue with brown steps going up to the door.


How to get to the House from major airports:


If you have heavy luggage and are not familiar with New York, we advise taking a taxi from the airport. The fare is approximately $30.00 plus the bridge toll which is rider's expense and a tip is expected of about $5.00... the total cost is usually between $40 to $50 dollars.  (Reminder: the taxi fare is the same regardless of the number of passengers)

If you like adventure and want to save money, take the M-60 bus for which you must have the exact change, $2.75 (dollar bills accepted) from the terminal to125th Street and Lennox Avenue in Manhattan.  At 125th Street and Lennox Avenue, transfer from the bus to the #2 or #3 subway line, "downtown" only train, getting off at 72nd Street. This train costs another $2.75, however, if you purchase a metro card at the airport, you can transfer between bus and train for free. As you exit at 72nd Street and Broadway, walk one long block East to Columbus Avenue.  Turn left and walk up Columbus Avenue three blocks to 75th Street and turn right. 51 West 75th Street is the fourth building from the corner,on the north side of the street, with brown steps going up to the door.


There are shuttle buses to 42nd St. Port Authority bus terminal.  Then take a taxi to 51 West 75th Street (approximately $10-12 including tip) or take the subway ($2.75/ride).  For subway, go downstairs inPort Authority bus terminal to the subway.  Purchase a metro card and take the 'C' train"Uptown" to 72nd Street. Exit onto Central Park West, and walk uptown three blocks to 75th Street. Turn left and walk to the end of the block.  51 West 75th Street is on the north side of the street with brown steps going up to the door.


We recommend a taxi. It is a flat fare of $45-50. If you want to try public transportation you can ride the air train to Jamaica Center. Purchase a metro card at the air train station.  Transfer to the NYC subway and 'scan' your metro card (additional $2.75) in order to enter the subway station. Take the 'E' train toward Manhattan/WTC.  Get off at 50th Street and transfer to the "uptown" 'C' train. Get off at 72nd Street and exit onto Central Park West. Walk up three blocks to West 75th Street. Turn left and walk to the end of the block. Travel time is approximately 60-75 minutes from JFK to mid-Manhattan.

Taking a taxi, Via car (need smart phone app) or Uber car (also need smart phone app) are the quickest ways to get FROM the airports to the house. Via and Uber are generally less expensive than a taxi, but is a shared ride and may take longer. We do not recommend bringing the Super Shuttle FROM the airport but TO the airport (when you are leaving the city) is okay.