Hephzibah House has a heart for International college students


Moving to NYC to attend school can be exciting, but can also be lonely, isolating and a bit overwhelming! Hephzibah has student coordinators who enjoy assisting with the transition by offering friendship to newcomers and inviting them to connect with other global friends in a welcoming environment and safe place to share their heart.


What we offer

  • Welcome dinners 
  • Practical help
  • A community to belong to
  • Monthly Events with other students
  • Discovery Bible Studies
  • Fun exploring the city together
  • English Conversation Programs
  • Somewhere you can relax & be yourself
  • Invitation to holiday meals

Don't go it alone, we want to help make the BEST of your transition to study in America and offer you genuine friendship!

Contact our coordinator through the form below if you are interested in meeting with other students who share a similar experience of being "new" to the city!

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